ASUS Extreme N7800GT Dual

HardOCP has managed to get their hands on the new ASUS Extreme N7800GT single-card SLI behemoth and run it through its paces. I'm sure many of us wouldn't mind the ability to have SLI performance with a single graphcis card in our already cluttered systems. Head on over to the review to see if the switch to a single PCB results in any degredation in performance over traditional 2-card SLI solutions. Just be sure to have reasonable expectations of the card as illustrated in the quote below.  Also, check our preview of the product here, for comparison purposes.

Now to be clear here, you still must have an NVIDIA SLI motherboard in order to use this dual GPU card from ASUS. Also, you cannot put two of these dual GPU cards onto one SLI motherboard.


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