Asus Eee Keyboard (With Built-In PC) Shipping Next Month

Asus is probably best known today for its help in sparking the netbook revolution. The Eee PC is often considered the original netbook, and judging by the dozens of models available, we'd say they've been quite a hit for the PC maker. But netbooks aren't all that Asus offers, and we have to confess that the Eee Keyboard is one of the most unique and most interesting products we've seen in quite some time.

Originally showcased earlier in the year, this sleek keyboard actually has a PC within it. As in, a full fledged computer inside of a keyboard. We know it sounds wild, and that's because it is. For months now, we've known that the device was high on the list of priorities for Asus, but we didn't know when the good people of the world could expect it. Now, a high ranking official in the company has made clear that it will ship in Europe and North America starting this October.

The Eee Keyboard is a standard-sized KB with an aluminum finish, but the 5" touch panel on the right side is what sets it apart. Underneath, you'll find a 1.6GHz Atom CPU, 1GB of DDR2 memory, 16GB/32GB SSD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, Wireless HDMI (UWB), USB 2.0, a VGA/HDMI port and even a headphone jack. A final price has yet to be set, but we're guessing it'll be pretty expensive--at least for early adopters.