Asus CrossHair IV Extreme Sneak Peek

We just got our hands on some interesting photos of an upcoming motherboard from Asus we thought we'd share, the CrossHair IV Extreme. If you're familiar with Asus' CrossHair series of boards, then you'll know that the CrossHair IV Extreme is designed for AMD processors. And the "Extreme" moniker hints at the over-the-top nature of many of the motherboard's features, which cater to hardcore overclocking enthusiasts. In addition to the overclocking-centric features, however, the CrossHair IV Extreme has a number of other goodies in store--check it out:

Click Images For Enlarged View


Click Images For Enlarged View

We don't have a full list of specifications for this board just yet, but we do know it is based on the brand new AMD 890FX chipset and supports all Socket AM3 compatible Phenom and Athlon processors, including the recently released 6-core Phenom II X6 series. If you take a look at the photos above, you'll see the CrossHair IV Extreme sports integrated Power and Reset switches, adjacent to Core Unlocker and OC Turbo Key buttons. As their names suggest, these two buttons can be used to unlock cores on certain processors and automatically overclock the CPU.

The CrossHair IV Extreme also supports the new Bluetooth RoG Connect feature, which gives users the ability to wirelessly tweak many system parameters from a secondary system, like a netbook. And interestingly enough, Lucid's Hydra chip, which allows for mixing-and-matching of graphics card from different brands, makes an appearance as well. More information on the Lucid Hydra can be found here.

At this point, it's looking like the Asus CrossHair IV Extreme will be one of the most feature-laden, enthusiast class motherboards for the AMD platform when it is eventually released. We're not certain as to when exactly that will be, but we'll fill you in as soon as we know more, so stay tuned.