Geoff and the gang at The Tech Report have taken a look at ASUS's A8R-MVP to see how ATI's chipsets are progressing these days. Fortunately forgoing ATI's own southbridge in favor of a ULI chipset, the ASUS board avoids many of the issues that plagued most Xpress 200-based motherboards. With Crossfire support and some hefty overclocking features, the board's $100 price tag begins to look like an absolute bargain.

Fanboys can debate the merits of CrossFire versus SLI until they're blue in the face, but it doesn't take a fanboy to appreciate what Asus has done with the A8R-MVP. At less than $100 online, the board is easily one of the cheapest CrossFire-capable motherboards on the market. You wouldn't know it looking at the board's performance, though.
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