ASUS’ MB169C+ Is World’s First 15.6-inch Monitor With Exclusive USB-C Connector

If you’re a road warrior that likes to carry a lightweight notebook along with you, but would like some extra screen real estate when the need arises, USB-based portable monitors have been around to fill that void. In the past, users have relied on products like the ASUS MB168B+, which weighs just 1.76 pounds, is just 8mm thick, connects via a USB 3.0 port and has a screen resolution of 1920x1080.

ASUS has decided to upgrade the MB168B+ and has given it a new name in the process: MB169C+. ASUS says that this is the world’s first 15.6-inch portable monitor to exclusive use a USB-C connector. The USB-C connector is capable of carrying both video and power, which means that you will have fewer cables and power adapters to lug around with you.


The MB169C+ is slightly thicker than its predecessor, measuring in at 8.5mm thick, but retains the 1.76-pound weight. The minimal increase in thickness can be forgiven as the MB169C+ ditches the TN panel of its predecessor in favor of a IPS panel.

Given the inclusive nature of USB-C, you should have no trouble using the MB169C+ on just about any notebook that you throw at it, including the newest Google Chromebook Pixel or the slew of USB-C equipped ThinkPads that Lenovo announced this week. That also means that the MacBook, which comes with a solitary USB-C port (and no other ports whatsoever other than a headphone jack), should be compatible with the 15.6-inch monitor.

But given that it’s an either/or proposition with respects to charging on the MacBook, we suggest that you have a fully topped off battery before you decide to hook up the MB169C+.