Assembling water cooler, NVIDIA SLI Upgrade Guide

 Well it's 11/23 and I've got my first cold of the year :( So what does this mean? I've got nothing to do except cough, and deliver you the news ;) So before the cold medicine renders me unconscious, let's get it on!

NVIDIA's SLI - An Introduction! @

"You'll have to wait for the rest of the articles, but I hope the initial look at things gives you some idea of the operating modes, what SLI can get you in terms of theoretical increases and also increases (or not) in real games. AFR is the dominant mode in the drivers at the time of writing, whether or not it offers the best performance or not, but overall it's a mode that works well. You really have to sit down in front of a system and play your favourite game, using AFR, to see if it's a mode that you can use comfortably."

Zalman ZM80d-HP Dual Heatpipe VGA Cooler @ PimpRig

"The quality company that Zalman is can be distinguished here with their kits. The extra bag of spare parts should never be considered necessary but they know that there are n00bs out there that lose those little screws and can mess up anything else that matters."

Roku SoundBridge Review @ I4U

"Roku Labs sent us their SoundBridge M1000 with the new SoundBridge 2.0 software that supports now Microsoft's Windows Media Connect and Windows Media Player 10. The SoundBridge was already compatible with iTunes. It supports also Napster and other music services. I had the SoundBridge M1000 running since a couple of weeks now. I only tested the Soundbridge with Windows Media Connect as there are older reviews out there that tested the wireless music streaming solution with iTunes."

NVIDIA SLI Upgrade Guide @ HardOCP

"While the 6800 GT SLI and 6800 Ultra SL will likely get most of the glory today with performance that is unstoppable, the GeForce 6600 GT SLI is what really shines like a beacon in the night."

Swiftech H20-8600 AMD A64 water cooling kit review @ Madshrimps

"Today we are taking a closer look at one of Swiftech's all-in-one water cooling kits. Aimed at the novice user out there it promises easy installation and decent performance. Can their H20-8600 kit deliver? Let's find out."

Razer Diamondback High Precision Gaming Mouse @ hardwarezone

"Gamers rejoice, the ultimate gaming mouse has landed on our shores. With a 1600dpi optical resolution and patented kärna technology, we learn that guns don't kill people, mice do. Read on to see if you're worthy to own a Razer Diamondback."

BTC 9019URF Wireless Multimedia USB Keyboard Review @ Techniz

"In recent years BTC has been engaging in opto-electronics, in hopes to become the leader of opto-electronic products. In addition to earning numerous Product of Excellence awards from Taiwan, BTC has been the model of small to medium enterprise for years. It is an appointed model manufacturer for visits by foreign delegations and one of the top three globalization enterprises in Taiwan according to the Business Weekly Taiwan. Nowadays, the map of BTC stretches to Asia, USA and Europe. Today, we are reviewing their Wireless Multimedia USB Keyboard with Dual Mode Joystick Mouse."

Assembling water cooler @

"During last few years an enormous progress was made when it comes to creating faster and faster computer units. It has, however, brought up the problem of cooling them, aspecially for someone who puts efficiency as well as silence first. As for today – the idea of effective air cooling is often connected with disturbing noise and in almost 100% cases – that is exactly what it is. That is why some time ago, people tried to think of omething else : how to deal with cooling in a way that would allow computer to work on very high or overclocked parameters without any sound? That is how water, freon or liquid nitrogen cooling became something common and certainly not surprising to anyone."