ASRock Shows Off Transformers Themed X79 Motherboard Pics

ASRock recently posted a pair of pictures on its Facebook page that are sure to appeal to Transformers fans. One is of an X79 Optimus Prime motherboard and the other is themed after Bumblebee, also based Intel's X79 chipset. As far as we can tell, these are concept shots and not actual boards, though if they are real, there's a good chance both will be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas next month.

ASRock didn't provide any specs for these boards, but other than the Transormers-themed makeover, they look identical to ASRock's X79 Extreme9. We're guessing the company's design team was just having a little fun and that's all this is, but then again, you can buy Transfomers-themed gear from Razer, such as mice and laptop covers.

Interesting sidenote: Hasbro recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Asus over its Transformer Prime tablet PC, so ASRock would be well advised to tread carefully here. ASRock, which sells a range of motherboard and mini PCs, was spun off from Asus back in 2002.