ASRock Opens Up About The Possibility Of Making NVIDIA GPUs

Render of an ASRock graphics card with three RGB cooling fans.
It didn't take long for ASRock to embrace Intel's discrete GPU efforts with Arc and launch and a handful custom models, such as the Arc A770 Phantom Gaming, Arc A750 Challenger D, and several more SKUs. ASRock also supplies a whole bunch of AMD Radeon models. What you won't find, however, are any NVIDIA GeForce cards among ASRock's current product stack. Might that change in the near future? ASRock addressed that very question in a recent interview.

Before we get to ASRock's answer, it's worth reminding that EVGA left a massive hole to fill when it shockingly severed ties with NVIDIA a year and a half ago. The bombshell announcement seemingly came out of the blue, though apparently it had been a decision that was festering within EVGA for some time.

Fast forward to now and not a whole lot has changed since then—it's been business as usual for NVIDIA, minus a key partner. NVIDIA's doing just fine, though if ASRock had any interest in producing GeForce graphics card, we're sure NVIDIA would at least entertain the idea.

The folks at Quasarzone apparently broached the topic during a visit to ASRock's headquarters. According to WCCFTech, one of the questions the outlet asked during the visit is in regards to ASRock's future product plans, and specifically if it might include the addition of NVIDIA graphics cards. Interestingly enough, this specific question and ASRock's answer no longer appear on the site and a trip in the Wayback Machine is no help, but here's the purported and translated response...
This is a very difficult question. The only companies that have both NVIDIA and AMD are ASUS, Gigabyte, and MSI. They are all brands that have been in operation longer than us, and when they first formed the company, there were many chipset manufacturers such as ATI and NVIDIA, as well as Elsa and Voodoo, and no one had a monopoly. However, as time passed and NVIDIA's market dominance became overwhelming, a world emerged where the manufacturing of NVIDIA VGA became a power. I think there are complex reasons for this. ASRock, which is currently producing AMD and Intel VGA, has no choice but to say that it is difficult to manufacture NVIDIA VGA right now.
We presume ASRock thought better about addressing the question and requested to have it removed, hence why it no longer shows up in the interview, though we can only speculate. In any event, the answer given (assuming it's accurate) is interesting, though not super revealing.

NVIDIA is indeed a dominant player, and ASRock's response seems to suggest that it would be a tricky negotiation in the current landscape to come on as an NVIDIA partner while simultaneously producing custom models for both AMD and Intel. Interestingly, however, the representative doesn't entirely rule out the possibility, though it certainly sounds like a long shot.

That's to say, don't hold your breath for ASRock to make GeForce cards anytime soon.