asetek VapoChill XE 2, SMC Gigabit, and more!

I just came back from Boston... and the roads are a complete mess. My friends car doesn't have the best tires, so the ride was fun with a few jaw clenching moments. I'm wiped out though, so I'll deliver the news and then crawl into my comfortable bed with the electric blanket ;)

Mushkin 1GB PC2-5300 (667) DDR2 Dual Pack @

"OCTools take a look at Mushkin's latest DDR2 offering, the PC2-5300 (667) 1Gb Dual Pack. It performed as advertised and ran flawlessly way over its rated spec. Current DDR2 systems would definitely benefit from the performance and overclockability brought about by these modules."

XTrac Pads Mousing Roundup @ Controlled-Insanity

"You and I both know, that the only way to really test a mouse pad, is to play with it!! So here commenced the 6 hour marathon of gaming, trying various games including RTS games, to MMORPG, and FPS shooter games, changing pads after 3 hours."

Corsair Flash Voyager USB 2.0 Drive 256MB @

"With their Flash Voyager series they were able to bring very fast flash drives to the end users. These high performance, high speed USB 2.0 flash drives makes working with such devices a breeze. Data read/write time is reduced making your work much more efficient. Transferring data to and from this unit is the fastest we have seen on any USB flash drives we have used to date."

SMC Gigabit Equipment Review @ OCModShop

"Until recently gigabit was too expensive for the average home user who wanted to setup a small LAN. However because of the technology improving the cost to the consumer has slowly been dropping. Just about all of the networking companies are selling gigabit switches and network cards at reasonable prices that are not much more than your standard 10/100 equipment."

asetek VapoChill XE II Review @ Madshrimps

"Plug and play subzero cooling for your CPU, is it possible? The latest generation of asetek´s VapoChill Xtreme Edition promises easy installation combined with great performance, all wrapped up in an attractive package. We thermally accelerate an Athlon 64 and P4 up to speed beyond air and water cooling limits."