Asetek Re-Introduces WaterChill Cooler Line

Remember the WaterChill cooler brand from Asetek? It's back! The line may have vanished in recent years, but at the CeBIT trade show in Germany, Asetek has re-released it. We're guessing that hardware overclocking fans just missed the range of products, and now an ultra-extreme liquid CPU cooler is being launched in the WaterChill line. It's the WaterChill 2011C, and highlights include a low profile pump with third-generation coldplate technology and advanced liquid temperature fan control, coupled with a massive 240mm x 120mm radiator and four 120mm PWM fans. The 2011C also includes the company’s newly-enhanced ChillControl performance monitoring, cooling control software.

These new chillers deliver radical overclocking capabilities (up to 25% on the NVIDIA GTX 580) while drastically reducing GPU temperatures and fan noise at load. The new graphics cooler features a 120mm radiator and liquid temperature controlled fan along with a pump and coldplate integrated into the GTX 580, and will be launched in conjunction with a graphics card partner.

Both of these Asetek sealed water cooling systems are easy to install, factory-filled, sealed and tested. Factory sealing eliminates end user maintenance commonly required with component-built liquid cooling systems. Pricing and availability of both products is expected to be announced in Q2 2011.