Asetek Adds Might To All-In-One PC Prototype With Liquid Cooling

Asetek and liquid cooling solutions go hand-in-hand; the company has been in the business of keeping gaming rigs cool for years now, and they're one of the most respected names in the sector. So what's the big fuss here? Well, Asetek has really gone above and beyond with this one: a new all-in-one liquid cooled prototype machine that's far, far more powerful than any other AIO we have seen in the past.

To date, there aren't any pre-fabricated all-in-one PCs that utilize liquid cooling and high-end components. It's definitely a niche, and we suspect that has kept companies from entering this market full-on. But Asetek sees an opportunity here, and now that we really think about it, we sort of do as well. All-in-one PCs are being held back; as of now, they're really only good for basic desktop/office chores and the occasional movie. But can't they do more?

If you ask Asetek, the answer is yes. Their latest prototype has the same profile as Apple's heralded iMac, being just 58mm thick. It's capable of handling a 2.66GHz Intel Core i7-920 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPU, which adds up to a total TDP output of more than 200 watts. That's far more power than you'll find in any shipping AIO today, but rather than relying on a thick case and lots of fans, Asetek has integrated a liquid cooling solution to keep things chilled. We can't be certain that this concept will ever make it to production, but we love the idea and certainly hope it does. Have a look at this video if you still can't find a way to get excited about this.