As iPhone Owners Await iOS 18, Apple Shifts Focus To iOS 19 Codenamed Luck

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At this year's Apple Developer conference, a large focus was placed on the still-upcoming iOS 18 software update for iPhone devices. The software has since been released in its beta form, both for developers and as a public beta, but not yet made available in final form. Be that as it may, Apple is already working on the next iteration of iOS, currently codenamed "Luck" and anticipated to be iOS 19, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman.

While it is common practice for companies such as Apple to be well ahead of the curve in development behind the scenes, the current AI zeitgeist makes this development even more of a priority. Apple introduced what it calls Apple Intelligence, which is coming along with iOS 18 in beta form during the fall of 2024. 

Careful to not be left behind the progress in AI, Apple has even decided to partner with OpenAI's ChatGPT to supplement its own on-device Apple Intelligence. Alongside iOS 19, macOS and the other ecosystems are already also in development for 2025. The Vision Pro will also get Apple Intelligence, but at a slightly later date than other products. It is certainly one device that can benefit from any software innovation to help jump start its initial consumer facing reputation. 

The macOS 16 is codenamed "Cheer," visionOS 3 "Discovery," and watchOS 12 "Nepali." Along with iOS 19, development is anticipated to take on a trajectory for a late 2025 release if history is any indication. 

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The iPhone powered by iOS (and eventually iOS 19, as Apple is rumored to be working on) continues to be a significant focal point for Apple, as it is one of its best selling devices. Apple is supposedly also aiming to make its devices last longer, as it continues to make impressive strides with its Apple Silicon efforts. The iPad Pro in M4 trim, for example, is typically more powerful than what iPadOS requires of it, leading to a device that can potentially last for several years. 

Together with making robust physically durable devices, this means that people will hold onto devices for longer. This is where Apple Intelligence and the sophistication of new software can help to both service those users and entice new purchases of useful devices. 

With waning PC sales during the last few years, Microsoft has also hoped the push into AI will reignite enthusiasm on the part of consumers. Eventually, AI features may turn into lucrative subscriptions for companies such as Apple, who already has a bevy of monthly subscriptions for users.