ARM Unveils Cortex A-12 Processor For Smartphones, Claims It’s A ‘Generation Ahead of Atom’

While Intel is the king of the PC, competitor ARM is arguably the king of mobile, and the latter is apparently further securing its crown with a new optimized IP solution that’s designed for use in midrange mobile devices. ARM executives went so far as to tell TechHive that their offerings are a generation ahead of Intel’s. Assuming that’s true, it’s especially bad news for Intel because the chipmaker just launched its new 22nm Atom solution.

ARM’s latest consists of an a Cortex-A12 processor with a Mali-T622 GPU and a Mali -V500 (which is a multi-core video solution that, among other things, fast encoding/decoding to better handle higher-resolution content).

ARM projection
ARM's market predictions

ARM says that the Cortex-A12 offers 40% more performance that the Cortex-A9 and does a better job handling big.LITTLE processing, home networking, and virtualization. The Mali GPU conforms to the OpenGL ES 3.0 standard and supports Renderscript and OpenCL APIs while offering performance approaching that of current high-end mobile devices and saving 50% of the energy over previous Mali-T600 series GPUs.

ARM architecture
ARM Cortex-A12 architecture

We’ll have to wait for ARM’s partners to build solutions based on the above before we can test anything for ourselves, but the company expects devices built on it to hit the market in the middle of next year.
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