Arm CEO Boldly Predicts Arm Chips Will Overtake 50% Of Windows PCs By 2029

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Arm’s CEO, Rene Haas, is bullish that chips based on the company’s designs will make waves in the PC market that is currently almost exclusively the domain of Intel and AMD. While chips using Arm’s designs have been a wild success in the mobile device nad IoT spaces, it hasn’t managed to make any significant inroads in the PC market. Its most notable success in laptop and desktop computers to date being Apple’s M series of chips.

In an interview with Reuters, Haas says that "Arm's market share in Windows - I think, truly, in the next five years, it could be better than 50%." The reason for this strong prediction is thanks to the efforts currently underway by Qualcomm and Microsoft.

Both companies are leading a major push with the new Copilot+ campaign, where the Snapdragon X chips that utilize Arm’s designs are powering a wave of upcoming laptops. Going so far as to use the tagline “The PC is Reborn” as part of the effort, signifying what might be the start of a sea change that is making Haas feel so confident.

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It goes beyond hardware, though. Windows and Qualcomm are putting in the effort necessary to bring software developers onboard with development kits and tooling. Haas says that "they've (Microsoft) gone way beyond anything they had (in developer tools) and they really picked it up in the last couple of years," adding that, "they are very, very much committed from a software standpoint." Winning over developers will go a long way to making Haas’s prediction a reality.

Of course, Intel and AMD have taken notice to Arm’s presence in the PC market, and will have their own offerings to counter the latest push. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out over the coming years.