Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev. 3 VGA Cooler

Arctic Cooling's NV Silencer series needs no introduction. The NV Silencer has found it's way on to video cards everywhere, and after personally owning 3 NV Silencers over the years, I can tell you Arctic Cooling can make a quality cooler. Tonight puts this baby to the test with Nvidia's 7800GT.

"Increasing GPU and memory speeds require manufacturers to come up with unique and creative cooling solutions for their video cards. As PC enthusiasts, we like to take it a step further because by nature we like to tinker and mod every aspect of our rigs. One way to modify our high end video cards is Arctic Cooling's NV Silencer 5, Rev. 3. This beast gave us the best "bang for our buck," and chilled out our 7800GT superbly."