ARCHOS Unveils Its First 256GB Tablet, Pimps 'Fusion Storage' Technology For Even More Capacity

ARCHOS on Tuesday issued a press release claiming it invented "Fusion Storage," a clever storage scheme that's not to be confused with Apple's Fusion Drive and Fusion-io technology. They're slightly similar technologies, in that both combine two different storage options and present them as a single drive.

The way it works is when you pop a memory card into a compatible tablet's microSD card slot, ARCHOS will use special software to combine the built-in memory with the external card, thereby fusing the two separate storage mediums into a single solution. So if you have 64GB of internal storage and add a 64GB microSD card, you'll end up with a single 128GB partition.


"Once activated, ARCHOS Fusion Storage automatically migrates data from the micro SD card and optimizes memory balance, resulting in an increase in install space for apps and games, as well as more storage for media and large files," ARCHOS explains.

In addition to its storage technology, ARCHOS also unveiled three new tablets, including the ARCHOS 94 Magnus, a 9.4-inch slate with a IPS HD (1280x800) display and the first tablet to feature 256GB of internal storage.

Source: ARCHOS

Full specs of all three tablets are listed above. ARCHOS says the 101 Magnus Plus 128GB and 94 Magnus 256GB will be available in April, the latter of which will be exclusive to ARCHOS's website. No word on when the 101 Magnus 64GB will be available.