Archos Reveals $99 Arnova 7 Android 2.2 Tablet

Ah, another day. And that means another tablet. The war of slates is in full force, and while no one is coming close to knocking Apple off its stool (at least in terms of sheer sales), Archos is trying a different tactic: undercutting. Major, major undercutting.

The company has just announced a super basic new tablet, the Arnova 7, which will ship for an almost unbelievable $99. It's probably the cheapest tablet to date with a label on it that includes a name you've heard of before. It will ship with a 7" resistive touch panel, an 800x480 native resolution, support for 720p playback and 4GB of Flash memory. Android 2.2 will be the OS onboard, and while that's hardly the newest (nor even tablet-tailored), it'll definitely handle the basics.

There's also Wi-Fi, access to the AppsLib store (not the Android Market, though) and a dedicated home button. There's no definite ship date just yet, but we're guessing no one else will be racing to beat it to the pricing punch.