Apricorn's PCIe Mac Array Adds 512GB Of SSD Storage To Apple Mac Pro

As computer enthusiasts, there are few things that really get our gears going. More storage, and more speed. But when you get them both together? Look out! That's the case with Apricorn's Mac Array, which is a unique high-speed storage solution for Apple's Mac Pro. For a professional machine, the Mac Pro is a fairly niche device, and not too many accessories are released specifically for it. But this one is one for the books.

The inside of the Mac Pro has a ton of room for extra devices and storage units, but aside from buying a load of 10k hard drives, what else is there? Now, there's a good answer to that. The Mac Array is a specially designed PCIe X4 card that holds four 128GB Western Digital SiliconEdge SSDs. They're connected in RAID 0, creating 512GB of accessible storage. The unit only takes up a single slot, meaning that you could add one or two more for 1TB or 1.5TB of total storage.

The transfer rates are also astounding: read rates can reach as high as 760MB/sec with a single card, with write rates reaching 524MB/sec. Each Mac Array costs $1499, so it's definitely not an inexpensive upgrade, but it's a great, bundled way to add lots of speed and lots of capacity to your pro machine.