AppleUnlocker Offers New Jailbreak for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Apple hates it when users jailbreak their iOS devices (you know, the ones that people paid good money for and own), but that’s never stopped anyone from doing it. Whether it’s using Flash, enabling tethering, unlocking video chat over a 3G network, or downloading apps otherwise forbidden by Apple, lots of folks get in on the jailbreaking fun.

AppleUnlocker now offers jailbreaking tools for the iPhone 4G, as well as Factory Unlock capabilities for the iPhone 4G and iPhone 5. The website states that its tools now support those features for up to iOS 6.0.1, as well.

iOS jailbreaking

Apple has previously tried (unsuccessfully) to make jailbreaking an actual crime, and as we reported last week, the company has apparently built in some additional protections to make jailbreaking more difficult on iOS version 6.1. Thus, time will tell if AppleUnlocker and its ilk will be hampered in their efforts; in the meantime, you might not want to upgrade to iOS 6.1 if you want to keep your phone jailbroken.