Apple's Rumored Budget iPhone Captured and Exposed?

Anticipation for Apple’s rumored plastic budget iPhone is high--not so much because it’s supposed to be a killer device as people want to see if it will be any good. A company called Techdy claims that it’s snagged one of the devices and produced copious photos and a little teardown to show it off.

Techdy's alleged plastic budget iPhone

The photos show a white-backed device that has a 4-inch screen (which is also probably plastic), and there are two mic ports, a headphone jack, a Lightning port, and a four-hole speaker grill. There is also a camera and LED flash on the back.

Techdy's alleged plastic budget iPhone

Bear in mind that Techdy is a company that specializes in knockoffs of phones--in fact, it’s already selling an Android lookalike of the supposed budget iPhone called the Basic Bear--so take this one with a big grain of salt. Actually, you should take it with a lot of salt; this should account for your total recommended sodium intake for the day. (It’s not impossible that they just popped an iPhone 5 into a plastic case and called it a day.)

Techdy's alleged plastic budget iPhone
Resting atop an iPhone 5

If this is the real thing, though, it’s not a bad looking device. And Techdy promises that it doesn’t feel cheap at all.
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