Apple's Noise-Cancelling AirPods Pro Rumored For Late October Release

airpods 3
Earlier this month, we got an early look at Apple's third-generation AirPods thanks to a glyph leak in iOS 13.2 developer beta code. Now, a new report coming out of China suggests that these new, even more premium AirPods will actually make their debut later this month.

According to the report from the China Economic Daily, the earbuds will reportedly be called AirPods Pro. The publication goes on to add that the AirPods Pro will feature a metal design that is designed to better wick away heat. The earlier glyph that we saw of the AirPods Pro suggest that they will have rubber tips that will fit into your ear, hopefully correcting the iffy fit (for some people) while aiding in noise cancellation abilities.

airpods pro
Alleged Apple AirPods Pro prototype

While the AirPods Pro could be unveiled this month, previous commentary from reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Cuo have suggested that production could begin within the coming weeks with availability in time for the holiday shopping season.

As for pricing, it's suggested that the AirPods Pro will command a hefty premium over the exiting second-generation AirPods. The current AirPods retail for $159 with the standard charging case, or $199 with a Qi wireless charging case. The AirPods Pro, on the other hand, are expected to cost $259. To put that cost in perspective, the Beats Powerbeats Pro retail for $249.95, but are currently on an extended promotion where they sell for $199.95.

With that being said, if Apple is planning to charge $259 for the AirPods Pro, we hope that the company at least makes the wireless charging case standard.