Apple's NC Data Center To Double In Size?

It's clear that Apple believes in the cloud. Their iTunes media portal has grown to heights that were unimaginable just years back, and with Apple TV, iTunes and the upcoming Mac App Store, it's clear that Apple will need lots of storage for apps and lots of bandwidth for serving them. Apple has become a content delivery company over the years, and that's probably what encouraged them to purchase land in Maiden, North Carolina in order to build a $1 billion data center.

But is a 500,000 square foot data center really enough for Apple? The company just announced last week that they would be expanding their app store to the Mac desktop and notebook platform, OS X. At first, Snow Leopard users will get a peek, with the full rollout expecting to take the computing world by storm next summer with the release of OS X 10.7 "Lion." Apple's app stores are growing at a rapid rate, and it's probably easier to build big now than to expand later.

Now, reports are suggesting that Apple may be considering "doubling the size" of the server farm, and it's also reported that T5 Partners is planning a shell building to house more servers on the existing property. Apple, nor any of the companies involved in the original data center construction, have confirmed the reports, but a local flyer has flown above the center and produced a YouTube video that helps to somewhat confirm that more work is ongoing. Have a look at the massive data center below. Is this just preparing for the Mac App Store? Or is there something even bigger planned?