Apple's iPhone 17 Tipped For An Upgrade That Will Leave iPhone 15 And 16 Users Envious

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Apple's iPhone 16 won't even hit the shelves until the later part of this year and yet, the iPhone 17 rumor mill is already busy churning away. The latest report points to a significant upgrade to the front selfie camera leading to a smaller Dynamic Island.

Reputed Apple and tech analyst, Kuo Ming-Chi, speculated in a long post (related to Apple camera lens supplier GSEO, or Genius Electronic Optical) that the iPhone 17's front camera sensor is expected to be upgraded to a 24MP unit over the 12MP sensor on the iPhone 15 and 16. Not only that, Kuo thinks that Apple will upgrade the 5-element design that's in its latest flagships to a 6-element design. 

iPhone 15 Dynamic Island

With in-phone and cloud-based photo processing being so good as they are nowadays, it's hard to tell what sort of benefit having a sixth element will have over the competition. While some lens elements gather and focus light onto the sensor, other elements help to correct for distortion and aberrations. The extra element in the iPhone 17 would therefore boost image quality in low-light situations.

Another strong rumor related to the front camera is that the iPhone 17 Pro is expected to feature under-display Face ID, which will be a first for any iPhone. Doing so will shrink the Dynamic Island cutout to a smaller central circular cutout for the selfie camera. 

The iPhone 17 is also slated to be equipped with an Apple-designed Wi-Fi chipset, further reducing its dependence on third-party suppliers, or in Apple's case, Broadcom. With Wi-Fi 7 support, the phones will be able send/receive data over 2.4Ghz, 5GHz, and 6GHz bands simultaneously.

The other possible big change to the phone will be in the form of its size. The iPhone 17 lineup might be getting taller 19.6:9 aspect ratios, making them taller like a candy bar.