Apple's "Get A Mac" Ad Campaign Ends, Bashing Google And Adobe Still On

Justin Long said it was over, and's over. The long-running "Get A Mac" ad campaign is coming to end, which is the second large "angry" ad campaign in the tech world to get put away in the past few months. AT&T recently ditched their "anti-Verizon" ads in favor of a new Rethink Possible series, and now Apple has decided to take it easy on those PC users. Instead of focusing on what the PC can't do, the company is hoping to tell people more about what the Mac can do. It's sort of like the "Switcher" ads from years ago, but with less random people and more random Mac screenshots.

If you go hunting for the "Get A Mac" campaign on the company's website, you'll come up empty. Just last week, all of the ads were there for your enjoyment. Now, that page redirects to a "Why You'll Love A Mac" page, which points out five key marketing areas where Macs are "superior" to PCs: Better Hardware, Better Software, Better OS, Better Support, and It's Compatible. Of course, all of those points can be argued, but it's interesting to see Apple follow AT&T in choosing softer, nicer ads rather than competitor-bashing commercials.

Still, Apple hasn't ditched the "mean guy" persona. They're still at war in some ways with Google and Adobe, and neither of those bitter battles seem to be ending anytime soon. We can't say we'll really miss the ads. While some were worthy of a chuckle, they were generally mean spirited, and we would rather see both Microsoft and Apple spend more time innovating and less time bashing each other on national television.