Apple’s Efforts To Exterminate Spotify Free Streaming Is Drawing DOJ Attention

If a report this week by The Verge is accurate, Apple is quietly encouraging music labels to part ways with streaming music service Spotify. Apple is reportedly developing a Beats streaming service that would compete with the likes of Spotify and YouTube. The service is expected to appear in the next version of iOS, likely this summer.

Apple’s efforts to undermine Spotify are apparently drawing some attention from the Department of Justice, which is already keeping an eye on Apple for past issues.  It’s easy to see how talking to music labels about their contracts with Spotify could raise questions for DOJ officials, but there has been no word on whether there is (or will be) any official investigation.

The DOJ might be looking at Apple over its possible prep for launching a streaming music service.

The report by The Verge also indicates that Apple may be applying similar pressure to music labels doing business with YouTube. One music representative reportedly accused Apple CEO Tim Cook and other Apple execs of being “cutthroat.” Cutthroat actions in the music industry are nothing news, but Apple's actions are apparently even more egregious than usual, hence the reason why the DOJ is sniffing around. That might chip away at the image of Cook as the charity-minded, environmentally-friendly, almost father-like CEO that his actions have created.

A separate report in the New York Post indicates that European Union Competition Commission has launched its own investigation into Apple’s efforts to eliminate the competition in the streaming music business. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire…