Apple's Cylindrical Mac Pro Turns RED For Charity

If there's one thing Apple has proven to be quite good at, it's design. Love it or hate it, Apple's design chops have drawn all sorts of attention, and the company's latest foray into the waning desktop world has yet again struck a chord. Pundits suggest that the forthcoming Mac Pro looks about like a black trash bucket that you'd find in any home improvement store, while proponents are hailing it as the biggest leap forward in workstation design history.

Regardless of your own personal feelings, the new Mac Pro is an eye-catcher, and if you're really (really!) into the design language, there's another variation you should know about. As Apple has done occasionally in the past, the company is outing a Product (RED) version of its Mac Pro for charity. It looks as if the RED version will be a child of design guru Jony Ive's imagination, and so far, we're seeing that only one will be produced and auctioned off.

Sotheby's estimates place a price tag at around $50,000 on the machine, which is a significant premium over the $2,999 base price on the normal black model. Like any other piece of art, there's always someone willing to pony up, but those with less padded wallets may want to think about buying a normal edition and then pinging ColorWare for modifications.