Apple’s Counter-Attack, New iPhones Rumored to Be Arriving in June

If we might be allowed to exaggerate for a moment, Apple finds itself in dire straits these days. Here are the facts: Apple's stock is only worth $500 per share, the company's slice of the smartphone pie in the U.S. is just 18.5 percent, and the iPhone has lost its luster compared to sexier Android phones and the emergence of intriguing Windows Phone 8 devices. The world is crumbling right before Apple's eyes!

Okay, so things aren't really that bad. At $500 per share, Apple's market capitalization is an obscene $470.35 billion, and 18.5 percent isn't too shabby when you're the sole manufacturer of devices that run on your platform. In other words, Apple isn't at risk of declaring bankruptcy or being deemed irrelevant, but the competition has certainly caught up. These are interesting times in the mobile market, and all eyes are on Apple to see how it responds to what's become an ultra-competitive landscape.

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There's at least one report out there that claims Apple is going to make three new iPhone models in 2013. One of those will be the the iPhone 5S, which would come as a shock to absolutely no one. A little more far fetched is the rumor of an iPhone Math, a larger size iPhone with a 4.8-inch screen. A horribly translated article in the China Times suggests that the iPhone Math will be the "key to Apple's reproduction glorious" -- you get the idea.

While unlikely, it wouldn't be such a bad idea for Apple to consider a 4.8-inch iPhone (as long as it's not called iPhone Math). Certainly there exists smartphone buyers who prioritize screen size over platform, and for them, Android is where most of the action is at. A 4.8-inch iPhone might sway some of those buyers over to iOS.

And what about the third iPhone model? The report doesn't go into detail, but there have been rumors that Apple's been considering a lower cost iPhone, one that's made of polycarbonate plastic instead of aluminum.

What's your take on all this -- should Apple release more iPhone models, or stick to what's it been doing?