Apple’s Acquisition Of LuxVue Could Lead To Better Low-Power Displays

Apple snapped up a small stealthy display maker called LuxVue. Apple buys up smaller companies all the time, so you never can tell just how important a given acquisition may eventually be to Apple’s product line, but this is intriguing because it may allow Apple to manufacture its own displays.

Sourcing displays from outside companies can be a difficult and time-consuming process, and having its own display tech in-house could help Apple speed time-to-market on some of its products while also avoiding having to play nicely with other companies such as Samsung. (In case you forgot, there’s some bad blood between the two.)

iWatch design
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LuxVue makes micro-LED screen technology aimed at low power draw for consumer electronics. That could lead to battery life and perhaps increased brightness on mobile device screens, including the tiny displays of wearable devices such as smartwatches. An Apple iWatch has been rumored for some time, and this could help the company make the device a reality.

Forbes astutely compared this acquisition to Apple’s purchase of chipmaker P.A. Semi six years ago. At the time, Apple had no idea how to make a processor, but armed with P.A. Semi technology and manpower, Apple eventually started rolling out its own chips--the A-series processors found in iOS devices.

If the company can pull off the same kind of proprietary development with displays, it would mean big things for the company’s future devices.