Apple’s Acquisition Of Beats On The Rocks? Dre And Company Need To Chill

Dr. Dre and everyone else at Beats Electronics certainly seem anxious to close a reported $3.2 billion merger with Apple -- and who could blamed him, as the deal would make him the richest person in hip-hop -- but the fact that it hasn't happened by now might be cause for concern. News of what was billed as an impending deal first hit the web a little over two weeks ago, and word on inner circles was that it would be complete in a matter of days.

Days turned into next week, next week turned into next week again, and that's turned into yet another next week with still no announcement, confirmation, or even an official statement from Apple. Granted, this is a big transaction and there may several points that still need negotiated, but according to Billboard, there are also several reasons why the deal could fall through.

Dr. Dre and Tyrese

One of those reasons is the size of the deal. Apple doesn't typically favor big acquisitions, and in fact the $3.2 transaction for Beats Electronics would be the biggest in the company's history. It would also be the first major deal that Apple chief Tim Cook pulled the trigger on.

Billboard also claims to have heard from its sources that Apple was infuriated when a video went up on Facebook showing Dr. Dre and Tyrese Gibson celebrating a deal that's still in the works. The video is laced with obscenities, which could have made Apple take a step back and reevaluate things. You can watch the NSFW video here.

Yet another reason for the deal being delayed, and perhaps even cancelled, is that Apple has to figure out if Beats Music is truly worth $3.2 billion. There's more to Beats Electronics than its streaming music service, but speculation suggests that Beats Music is Apple's main motivator in this deal. However, the streaming service has less than 200,000 subscribers and isn't yet super popular.