Apple's 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Schematics Leak, Mockups Compared To iPad Air 2 On Video

As each day passes, it becomes more and more likely that Apple will soon introduce a larger iPad, 'iPad Pro', that will cater to the professional market. It's an interesting move in some ways, as Apple is a company that strives on making things smaller and smaller, and of course, thinner and thinner. But sometimes, it just doesn't make sense to keep scaling down, especially when a lot of digital desktop real estate is needed.

Apple iPad Pro

YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has added fuel to this fire with a new video that shows an iPad Pro case, which makes a regular iPad Air 2 look rather small. With a printed mockup, we can gain an understanding of what this iPad Pro could look like.

It's been rumored that this new iPad could come in at 12.9-inches, whereas this mockup scales to 12.5-inch diagonally. Further, the mockup has a width of 8.75-inches, and when the product becomes a reality, it should share the thickness of the current iPad Air 2.

Apple iPad Pro Schematics

There's one interesting thing to note: the case has a spot on the side for a port that is a bit too large for a SIM card. It seems likely it could be a special port specific to professional use.

Hopefully it won't take much longer before we see the final thing. At its nearly 13-inch size, this could prove to be a hit for on-the-go business users.