Apple Winning Smartphone Battle in U.S., Losing Platform War to Android

When it comes to the U.S. market, Apple's iPhone line is the single most popular category of handsets. During the three-month period ending in February 2013, there were 133.7 million smartphone owners in the U.S., 38.9 percent of which were toting an iPhone, according to data provided by the comScore MobiLens service. That's up 3.9 percent versus the prior three-month period.

Samsung ranked as the second most popular OEM with a 21.3 percent share of the smartphone market, up 1 percent versus the prior period. HTC came in third with a 9.3 percent share, followed by Motorola with 8.4 percent and LG with 6.8 percent.


Be that as it may, Apple is still losing the platform war to Android. Google's Android OS claimed a 51.7 percent share of the U.S. smartphone market during the same three-month period, with Apple trailing behind at 38.9 percent. However, Apple did gain some ground by increasing its share 3.9 percent, while Android fell 2 percent, essentially closing the gap by 5 percent in the last three months.

As for the other players, BlackBerry's share fell to 5.4 percent, down 1.9 percent compared to the previous period, while Microsoft inched up 0.2 percentage points to claim a 3.2 percent share of the market. Symbian stood still at 0.5 percent.