How Apple Watch Series 8 Could Make Your Thermometer Obsolete

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The upcoming Apple Watch 8 could include a new sensor that will warn you if you're running a fever. While the watch won't be exact, it could prompt you to use a regular thermometer or see a doctor.

The Apple Watch is a favorite smart accessory for many iPhone users. The Series 7 watch provided users with a larger watch face, which made it easier to navigate the touch screen features. Now it is being reported by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg that the upcoming Series 8 smartwatch may very well turn up the heat on its competitors, or keep a track of it anyway.

Gurman first stated that there was a possibility of the Series 8 including a temperature sensor in June of 2021. He later backtracked on that prediction, saying fans should not be expecting things like blood sugar monitoring and a handful of other features in the upcoming model.

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Image Credit: Fancycrave1 from Pixabay

A few months later, he reported that the Series 8 would in fact include a body temperature sensor, as long as the feature passed the company's internal guidelines. Now, Gurman says in his Power On newsletter, that he believes the feature is "a go" for all Series 8 watches except possibly the entry-level Watch SE.

Another feature a body temperature sensor could provide is fertility tracking. These shifts in body temperature could help someone determine when they are the most likely to become pregnant, or at least predict when they are about to receive their period. However, Gurman only talked about fever detection recently, so it is not clear if Apple actually has plans for adding cycle-tracking capabilities.

Aside from the body temperature sensor, he says other changes to the new Series 8 Apple watch will be minor. Higher-end models could see an improved display, however. As others have reported, Gurman also says the Series 8 processor will have the same level of performance as the previous S7 and S6 chips.

He also said that the new model AirPods Pro will more than likely lack temperature or heart rate detection this go round, even though it is rumored to have a focus on fitness. "I'm told that neither feature is likely to arrive in the 2022 upgrade, though both enhancements have been explored inside the company and could arrive one day," he said.

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