Apple Watch Series 5 OLED Screens Reportedly To Be Sourced From Japan Display

The current Apple Watch Series 4 launched to much fanfare in part because of ECG functionality that can detect an abnormal heartbeat in a person. That feature rolled out widely last December thanks to watchOS 5.1.2, and the Apple Watch reportedly grabbed half of the smartwatch market in Q4 2018. 

apple watch 3

A new rumor has now surfaced that claims the Apple Watch Series 5 expected to launch this year will continue to us an OLED screen, this time supplied by Japan Display. The rumor is attributed to two sources familiar with Apple's plans, but not authorized to speak to the public. Japan Display being attached to the rumor is a good thing for the company as it's profits have been hit hard as Apple has moved from LCDs to OLEDs for its devices.

If true, this would mark the first time that Japan Display Inc has moved into the OLED market. Japan Display relies heavily on Apple; the electronics giant accounts for more than half of Japan Display's revenue as of March 2018. 

Rumors continue to suggest the Apple Watch Series 5 will land in September and have a ceramic case available. Other rumored changes for this year's Apple Watch include buttons that no longer physically click, but do offer haptic feedback when touched. Haptic feedback is included on the digital crown for the Series 4 wearable and could extend to the side button for the new device.

A rumor yesterday suggested that the new iPhone models for this year would all use OLED screens.