Apple Watch Developers Told To Limit App Interactions To Maximum Of 10 Seconds

Apple is preparing to reveal additional details on its Apple Watch wearable next week, but until then, more information continues to trickle out. One of the newest bits is that Apple is urging developers to design their applications to be used for no longer than 10 seconds at a time. The reason for that is Apple wants its forthcoming gadget to be useful without being annoying.

Though not mentioned in Bloomberg's article on the topic, battery life might also be a motivating factor to limit user interaction. Previous rumors suggested that users should expect between 
2.5 hours to 4 hours of active application use on an Apple Watch. That doesn't sound like much, and it isn't if you're playing a game, but broken up into 10-second increments, that's 900 interactions.

Apple Watch

Whether or not that's really case remains to be seen. According to the article, Apple is trying its best to avoid leaks on this one. Apple Watch designers are isolated in a lab without communication to the outside world or Internet access. Outside materials can't be brought inside the lab with the test watches.

There are multiple companies working with Apple, some of which share a room. Their respective source codes reside on hard drives that can't leave Apple's headquarters. And to prevent anything from leaking out, Apple will only send the code back to the companies closer to the Apple Watch's launch date.

So far it's been working fairly well, as leaks have been comparatively few and far between for an Apple product.