Apple Watch 2 Reportedly Keeps Same Form-Factor, Adds GPS And Larger Battery

The next version of the Apple Watch isn't likely to look much different than Apple's first generation wrist wearable device, though it will boast some fancy (and requested) new features, the biggest of which is GPS tracking, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in a research note to investors over the weekend.

While just predictions, Kuo has sources in Apple's supply chain, so these are more like highly educated guesses. Based on what Kuo's been told, the Apple Watch 2 will launch sometime in the second half of the year wielding a faster System-on-Chip (SoC) built by TSMC. And in addition to GPS, a notably missing feature of the original Apple Watch, the second generation model will sport a barometer, better waterproofing, and a higher capacity battery.

Apple Watch

Those are all welcome upgrades to what's already a well-built wearable. Adding GPS would especially be big, as it would mean being able to go jogging or biking or whatever without having to take a connected iPhone along for the journey for GPS tracking. That's a big advantage of competing wearables, such as the Microsoft Band 2.

As for the aesthetics, Kuo's supply chain sources indicated that Apple Watch 2 devices will feature thinner display technology but retain the same screen sizes (38mm and 42mm), thickness, and general form factor of existing models. There was no mention of Apple Watch 2 wearables being compatible with existing bands, though we suspect they will be.

Barring any surprises, Apple will probably roll out its second generation smartwatch at the same time it unveils its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices. That would put the launch at around mid-September.

Via:  MacRumors
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