Apple Vision Pro Early Adopters Complain Of Black Eyes, Headaches, Dizziness And More

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As a user of the Apple Vision Pro myself, I can fully attest that this is a substantially weighty device. After using it for an hour, I can expect to have some red marks adorned on my face without missing a beat. Other users are apparently experiencing similar effects, and some even worse, such as black eyes. If you've kept the device after its return period, you may have discovered long term usage fatigue. 

The list of discomfort further extends itself to include headaches, neck pains, and all sorts of other ailments. I have personally experienced some headaches when using the device for an hour, but the worst is likely the dry eyes. Due to the nature of the device itself, it seems to exasperate the dryness of one's eyes. This can also happen on other VR headsets, so it is not particularly unique to the Apple Vision Pro itself. 

The considerable heft of the Apple Vision Pro is certainly the dominating issue that is causing many of these user reported inconveniences. Users developing black eyes with this $3,500 device is particularly concerning, however. It is likely due to the weight of the device resting unnaturally on one's cheeks and the weight not being properly distributed. 

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I have found several ways to mitigate these issues, starting with one's position while using the device. Laying back on a couch or bed can help to distribute and support some of the weight, compared to sitting upright for a longer period of time. Another crucial aspect of Vision Pro is in the myriad of ways one can adjust it for maximum comfort. 

Apple includes two separate headbands in the box, and users may have better luck trying the second option if the stock configuration is not apt. I have found the solo knit band to be adequate, and the ease of putting the device on is straightforward along with acceptable comfort. 

Apple also will size your head and face for the proper light seals for Vision Pro, which come in a variety of sizes to account for different facial structures. Using the correct combination of light seal and band can help to reduce many issues that plaque users, but they will require some trial and error. 

None of these items change the fact that the device itself is just heavy, coming in at an average of 22 ounces. The build quality certainly benefits from these weighty materials, with a solid and well-thought out design that focuses on its pure functions first. Comfort is something Apple considers strongly, but it is obvious that due to the design nature of the Vision Pro, certain sacrifices had to be made. 

The price paid here is not just its steep MSRP, but in its comfort which can vary from user to user. Apple has a long way to go in order to convince the mass consumer to adopt this device, and comfort with ease of use will be at the top of that list eventually.