Apple TV Software Update Reportedly Launching Same Day As iOS 7

Although it went unmentioned in yesterday’s Apple hoopla, there’s reportedly an Apple TV software update coming from Cupertino, and it will land the same day as iOS 7, on September 18th.

Of all of Apple’s products, Apple TV probably gets the least attention, but according to AllThingsD, this update will bring with it some choice features, in particular a new trick for AirPlay that will allow users of Apple TV to play content they’ve purchased via iTunes on someone else’s Apple TV.

Apple TV

However, it’s likely that more Apple TV changes are coming; for one thing, the hardware is due for an update, and for another, Apple just recently dropped the price of refurbished Apple TVs down to $75, which could indicate a clearing out of inventory ahead of a new generational launch. (Whether or not the price drop is merely a swing at catching up to the $35 Google Chromecast is a point for debate.)

Further, it’s not like Apple has ignored Apple TV. In recent months, Apple has landed HBO GO and WatchESPN, and it was in talks with Time Warner Cable, too. Finally, there’s always the fact that Apple wanted to devote yesterday’s event solely to its new iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and iOS 7 without any distractions. It’s possible that September 18th will be the day that Apple debuts a new Apple TV--or at least, its new software.