Apple TV Overtakes iPad In Terms Of Netflix Viewing

Just as cellphones are exploding, so is the consumption of digital media. Netflix is well on their way to taking over the content world, and following a very nice quarterly report, the company also revealed one other little nugget of interesting information. The company wrote the following: "Apple TV has done very well for us, and in just four months has passed the also-growing iPad in Netflix viewing hours."

That's really impressive, and also very telling to how frequently people are using their Apple TV boxes. It wasn't long after launch that Apple announced that one million of the new-generation boxes had been sold, and obviously people are using them like crazy. The iPad was hailed as a fantastic media consumption device, and one of the most highly anticipated apps was the Netflix app for iPad.

But in just a few months, the Apple TV now trumps that. We have to wonder what the future of big cable is in a world that is becoming increasingly obsessed with set-top boxes. Have you given up on cable yet? Are you watching entirely too much Netflix for your own good?