Apple Trials Surprise $50 Discount For Apple Watch, iPhone Bundle

At this point in time, it's difficult to predict whether the future of the Apple Watch, or any other smartwatch for that matter, is going to be bright. What we do know, though, is that sales of the Apple Watch have been quite good so far in the grand scheme of things, already competing with the top dogs, such as Fitbit. Still, it's a given that Apple would love to taste even more success, and get these expensive wearables flying off of the shelves.

Apple Watch Edition

To help with that, the company has just rolled out an interesting promotion in a very limited number of stores, likely to help gauge possible success. Until mid-November, anyone who purchases a brand-new iPhone (6s and 6s Plus) at these select stores will be able to purchase an Apple Watch right then and there and get $50 lobbed off of its price. Ultimately, that means the least expensive Apple Watch would effectively become $299.

This is sure to come as a surprise to no one, but the uber expensive Apple Watch Edition and Hermès models are not included in this promotion. While that's expected, what's not is the unbelievably limited availability of this promotion. You can't take advantage of it online, and the only stores that are offering it are located in California and Massachusetts.

If this promotion proves to be a big success, it could turn into a regular thing that Apple will offer out-of-the-blue sales like this. That's very un-Apple-like, but ultimately, if it helps increase revenue, that's all that matters.