Apple To Unveil New iPad and iPad Mini on October 22nd

History doesn't always repeat itself, particularly when you're trying to juggle supply chains across the globe year in and year out, but it seems that 2013 will mirror 2012 in terms of Apple event launches in the fall. Last year, we saw the new iPhone and iPad launched within weeks of one another. This year, it appears that the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s launch will be followed by a new iPad, a refreshed iPad mini, and perhaps a few other surprises.

AllThingsD is reporting that Apple's next iPad will be unveiled at a California event on October 22nd. The focal point will obviously be the iPad, where the larger, full-size iPad is expected to acquire the 64-bit A7 processor housed in the iPhone 5s. Moreover, the iPad mini should see a Retina display upgrade, and if we're lucky, an A7 processor as well -- if that happens, it'll provide some serious competition to rivals in the 7-inch slate space. Of note, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor isn't a lock, but it could show up on the larger iPad.

Interestingly, the iPad family may not be the only Apple products getting talked about. At WWDC in June, the new Mac Pro was teased, as was OS X Mavericks. The report suggests that both of these products could be launched officially, with both a new desktop and the new OS ready to ship by Christmas. Apple's year started off quiet, but it sure is shaping up to close with a bang.