Apple to Bite Down on $40 Per iPad 3G User Class Action Settlement

As much as Apple would love it if every iPad owner purchased a new model every time it came out with a new version, not everyone has that kind of disposable income. That means there are people out there who are still using the original iPad launched back in 2010, and those who opted for the 3G model may be getting some financial compensation for broken promises.

There was a class action lawsuit filed against Apple and AT&T due to the wireless carrier's promise and subsequent cancellation of unlimited data on iPad 3G models. A proposed settlement that's already been approved by a U.S. District Court judge in San Jose would have Apple cut a check for $40 to everyone in the U.S. who bought or ordered an iPad 3G on or before June 7, 2010.


In addition, those who purchased an iPad 3G but did not sign up with AT&T will receive a $20/month discount on the wireless carrier's 5GB/month plan for up to a year.

The class action lawsuit argued that some iPad 3G buyers may have made the decision to purchase their device in part because Apple and AT&T were advertising unlimited data. However, AT&T killed off its unlimited data plans later that year, capping data at 2GB per month (it's since been raised to 5GB).

Final approval of the settlement is expected in February of next year.