Tim Cook Sacked By Salty Internet Trolls For Showing Lack Of iPhone Super Bowl Photography Skills

tim cook super bowl
It’s no secret that the iPhone has long had a pretty good camera onboard, snapping fast and highly detailed photos. Apple is so proud of the iPhone’s camera that it launched a “Shot on iPhone 6” series last year which showcases the shooting capabilities of the iPhone’s camera (when handled by a skilled photographer).

However, Apple CEO Tim Cook proved last night that the person actually taking the picture is just as important as the actual camera hardware. A lucky Cook found himself on the field at Levi’s Stadium following the Denver Broncos’ 24-10 win over the Carolina Panthers, and whipped out his iPhone to take the following picture, which he posted to Twitter:

We can say with certainty that this definitely wouldn’t quality for the “Shot on iPhone” campaign given how blurry and out of focus it was. In Cook’s defense, none of us are infallible -- we all take blurry shots from time to time no matter which camera we’re wielding. However, Cook’s critical mistake as the head of such a high-profile company like Apple was actually posting the image on such a visible social media platform.

As you can expect, the criticism came swiftly, with many Twitter users openly mocking Cook:

And for my personal favorite:

To Tim’s credit, he got it right with the second Super Bowl 50 photo that he posted via his Twitter account: