Apple Stores Boot Jawbone UP And Nike Fuelband In Preparation For Apple Watch Arrival

Apple Retail Stores are clearing shelf space again, and this time three companies are being shown the door: Nike, MIO, and Jawbone. All three companies produce fitness trackers that compete with built-in functionality found in the upcoming Apple Watch product lineThe ban on the fitness trackers extends to both Apple’s online store and it brick and mortar locations though the United States according to Re/code.

The Jawbone UP24 provides basic activity tracking and sleep monitoring, while the Nike Fuelband allows you to track your fitness activity and share it among friends. MIO’s Alpha wearable, on the other hand, offers heart rate monitoring in additional to standard timekeeping. This latest move comes after Apple kicked products from Wahoo and Fitbit from its retail and online stores last year.

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The Jawbone UP24, Nike Fuelband SE, And MIO Alpha retail for $129.99, $99, and $199 respectively.

The Apple Watch Sport goes up for pre-order on April 10 and will be widely available April 24 for $349/$399 (38mm casing/42mm casing). Those wishing to opt for a stainless steel instead of hardened aluminum will have to work over $549/599 for the Apple Watch, while the truly well-heeled watch enthusiasts can have an 18K gold Apple Watch Edition for $10,000. Depending on case and band options, the Apple Watch Edition can cost as much as $17,000.

In addition to telling time, the Apple Watch offers activity monitoring and a fitness coach, support for Apple Pay, and the ability to make/receive calls (when paired with your iPhone).