Apple Store Buckles Under Load Of iPhone 6 Pre-Orders

Woe are the Apple fans who stayed up late to pre-order the iPhone 6 the moment it was supposed to become available, only to run into problems. Pre-orders were supposed to open at midnight Pacific Time, but as people flocked to Apple's website -- probably in record numbers -- it was too much for the servers to handle, and down it went.

According to Tech2, it wasn't just Apple's website that had problems, but also wireless carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile, both of which failed to open on time. Verizon and AT&T were the lone stars of the pre-order show, as both were able to open and accept orders at midnight, though even those two wireless carriers faced glitches along the way.

Apple is quickly running out of ways to botch the iPhone 6 release. After months of hype and controlled leaks -- 9to5Mac posted a wonderfully enlightening article on Apple's mastery of the media -- Apple metaphorically fumbled the ball on the one-yard line when its iPhone 6 launch live event stream failed to start on time. When it did finally load, you could hear a stream of Chinese-language commentary in the background. That issue eventually disappeared, but for many people, the live stream would frequently drop out - d'oh!


This is just the beginning. We don't mean to be cynical, but can you remember an iPhone release that wasn't plagued with at least one controversial issue post-launch? Antennagate comes to mind, along with faulty cameras and other complaints. Even though we know better, here's hoping for smooth sailing the rest of the way.