Apple Smartwatch Reportedly Coming In October With Curved OLED Display

Apple’s long-rumored smartwatch, which may or may not be called the iWatch, may finally arrive in October, according to a new reports. An unidentified parts supplier and person familiar with the matter let slip that the company will build 3-5 million smartwatches per month for its initial run of the devices.

That’s some bold predicting, especially as the smartwatch market has so far been a bit lukewarm as consumers so far haven’t the devices as central to their lives the way they do smartphones. If any company is going to crack that nut so to speak, it might as well be Apple, the company that set the standard for smartphones with the release of the first iPhone.

Apple iWatch
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Apparently specifications of the iWatch are still being finalized, but expect a curved OLED display and lots of health sensors. Reports make mention of the iWatch being able to collect data including blood glucose (which would be phenomenal for those with diabetes) as well as calorie consumption, sleep tracking, and more.

As we earlier reported, the iWatch may use alternative charging sources such as solar, inductive, or kinetic charging, as well.