Apple Rolls Out First iPad Commerical On Oscar Night

Apple decided it would take Oscar night as its opportunity to unveil its first official iPad commercial for the world, for their sake, to hopefully covet.  There is little question Apple certainly knows how to dress up a product sexy but with the harsh criticism the iPad has gotten in the press during this pre-launch time window, it's hard not to wonder how effective their media blitz for the product might be.  Let's roll the footage and let you ponder the situation a bit for yourself...

Alright then, what do you think?  Sold?  We're not sold too easily only because we've seen what other tablets with more open platforms might be offering in the months ahead.  Although, it's hard to argue the fact that Apple knows how to back a product with a software platform and carrier ecosystem.  That's going to be the end game quite frankly with any new tablet PC that enters the market from here on out.  It's not going to be just about features, performance and price.  It's going to be about software, functionality, platform support and end user experience.  Think Apple can pull it off?  It's safe to say one thing is for sure.  They're going to have stiff competition this time around.  This time Apple isn't breaking into the handset market.  They're trying to reshape the ultra-portable computing market, a place where many heavy hitters have been reshaping things for a long time now.
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