Apple Reportedly Looking At Creating Its Own CPUs For Mac Computers

Could it be? Apple changing CPUs for the second time in the recent past? When the company kissed PowerPC goodbye and sided with Intel, it was a watershed moment. Suddenly, Macs became more powerful and more compatible, and yes, it enabled them to run Windows. But as the years have progressed, Apple has invested millions upon millions of dollars into its own design and fabrication facilities. While it still relies on many partners to build processors for the iPhone and iPad, it's quite clear that Apple is now in the silicon business. According to a new Bloomberg report, it may soon use that silicon muscle to push Intel aside, and instead build proprietary CPUs for Mac products. For a company that adores vertical integration, it seems like a logical move, but it wasn't until now that Apple had enough internal knowledge and power to pull off the switch.

Intel chips have been in Macs since 2005, and while it's unclear if Apple would make the change prior to 2017, it seems that the company is already looking at the prospect internally. It should also be pointed out that Macs and Apple's mobile products have grown more similar over the years, and there's obviously a lot of crossover between the product lines. How would this impact users? Well, Windows support may be gone, but battery life and heat output may be improved. It'll probably be a few years yet before we know for sure, but it seems that Intel-based Mac computers may be on their way to becoming collectible pieces.
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