Apple Ramping Up Engineering Team for iWatch Design

As we reported last week, Apple recently brought Paul Deneve, former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, on board to help with "special projects". We're lead to believe that one part of those special projects could very-well be Apple's forthcoming and much-anticipated iWatch.

According to the Financial Times today, Apple's hiring hasn't stopped there. In fact, it's ramped-up thanks to the iWatch, seemingly as the result of complications that have arisen with its design. What these complications are isn't mentioned, but it's an interesting development, especially with Apple's expertise in building interesting (and small) product designs.

Apple iWatch

Given these developments, it seems very likely that we won't be seeing the iWatch for at least another year. A survey a couple of months ago suggested that 19% of consumers have interest in purchasing an iWatch, or at least something like it, and there's no doubt that Apple understands the potential here. While some might consider it unfortunate that the wait for the iWatch has effectively been extended, what results should be very interesting.