Apple Raises iPad and iPod Pricing in Japan On Weakening Yen

Prices for Apple iPads and iPods have shot up sharply in Japan amid desperate attempts by the country’s financial leadership to stop deflation. According to Reuters, Japan’s economy is struggling as the yen has fallen 20% against the U.S. dollar in a matter of months. While the Bank of Japan is promising to pump billions into the economy to try and achieve a small inflation rate, several foreign companies companies have raised prices on their goods to make up for the falling exchange rate.

The 64GB iPad is now at 69,800 yen compared to 58,800 yen just days ago (about $691/$583), and the 128GB version is up to 79,800 yen from 66,800 yen ($791/$662). Prices for iPad minis and some iPods shot up 8,000 yen ($79) and 6,000 yen ($60), respectively.

iPad mini

Reuters says that exchange rate has dropped to 100.92 yen to one U.S. dollar, but if you poke around on sites with exchange rate calculators, including Google, some say the rate is even worse than that. The jump in prices can’t be encouraging for Japanese consumers.