Apple Press Event This Month: Leopard Pounces?

Apple is gathering the faithful for a shindig that is rumored to be going down the last week of this month.  It seems quite likely that this will be a launch event for Leopard, but could Apple have other product announcements up their sleeve?

Still, we expect the big news to be about Leopard.  Why?  It's all about the timing (And Apple's self-imposed deadline):

“Historically, Apple has tapped the final Friday of the month to roll out its major operating system overhauls. For instance, it launched Mac OS X Tiger on the eve of Friday, April 29, 2005.

Sources have yet to rule out the possibility that Leopard would be accompanied by additional announcements from the Cupertino-based company.”

Additional announcements, eh?  What could those be?

Several industry watchers have been pondering if Apple is going to refresh their MacBook soon.  Of course there is always the rumor of the MacMini being dropped, which has been both supported and contradicted by alleged inside sources.  Both products are based on similar hardware, so if Apple refreshes one, it'd seem like they'd both get a refresh at around the same time.
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